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The right Social network?

Want to market your business but don’t know which is the right social network to choose?

With so many social networks to choose from it’s sometimes difficult to tell the wood from the trees. There are new channels opening up all the time (all hoping to be the next big thing) & every day there is some story about the demise of Facebook, the comeback of Bebo or how Snapchat/Whatsapp/Instagram are about to take over. Even for people working full time in the industry it’s impossible to know what’s around the corner, so how can you choose the right social network for your business?

Most have something to offer, in different locations for different industries or different demographics, but unless you’re Coca Cola you can’t use them all. For small business’ there just aren’t enough hours in the day & as much as I might like you to outsource the management of 20 different networks to me, that isn’t really practical, or in fact worthwhile.

Broadly speaking what SME’s want is to put their product or service in front of their current & potential customers and show it off to it’s best. For that goal we recommend a pretty straight forward solution, Go where the people are!!!

Ipsos MRBI conduct a quarterly survey of Social network account holders in Ireland which you can see in their infographic below. May’s survey shows Facebook is the #1 Social network in Ireland with 60% of the population having an account & 72% of them using it daily. You’d be crazy have a Social media marketing plan that doesn’t include Facebook. Twitter is a distant but still substantial #2 with 26% of the population having an account & 35% of them using it daily.

Social networking in Ireland may 15 infographic

Infographic brought to you by Ipsos MRBI

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    Ciarán Ó Coigligh September 10, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    This is helpful. I think Facebook and Twitter (and Linkedin) will probably reach those demographics I wish to attract. Thank you again. Go raibh maith agat.

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